Phu An Thanh Industrial Park

Strategic location

Situated on 830 provincial road connected with national highway 1A, to HCM - Trung Luong freeway about 3km, connected to the main roads such as Nguyen Van Linh, Dong Tay Highway connected Ho Chi Minh City and Cat Lai.

Internal cargo terminal 

Located next to the Vam Co Dong River, internal cargo makes it very convenient for transporting, loading and unloading of materials and goods.

Allowed risk pollution industries (prone to cause land environment pollution industries)

Phu An Thanh industrial park allowed risk pollution industries such as textile, electroplating, leather tanning by Long An Provincial People's Committee and the Economic Zone Authority. Phu An Thanh industrial park has separate areas suitable for many level of pollution.

Large area of ​​land lease

Phu An Thanh industrial park is available large clean land area able to receive multiple industries production of large investors.

Good structural geology 

Phu An Thanh Industrial Park is located on land with good geological structure, soil bearing capacity of large (12 ton / m²), suitable for all manufacturing industries, particularly favorable for the construction of the Heavy machine structure. Construction costs lower than other industrial parks.

Traffic system

Road: Provincial Road 830, A street right-of-way planning is 70m, this is the transport route connecting Mekong Delta river area to Ho Chi Minh City.
River: Vam Co Dong river system is one of the waterway transport system in Vietnam's Southern Key Economic Zone, planning warehouse and storage area adjacent Vam Co Dong river with berth (terminal) length of 500m.
Logic internal transportation system, main roads width: 84m and internal road network with road width: 49,5m and 42m, road arranged logically to ensure that matching requirement in industrial park service such as fire, ambulance, transportation of goods, movement of each plant, factory safety and utility.