Long An Dong Thap Muoi biotechnology zone

Dong Thap Muoi biotechnology zone will help to transfer biotechnology of agricultural manufacture, bring the economic effects and steadiness to whole Dong Thap Muoi area


Kien Tuong County town, Long An Province, Viet Nam. In the campus of Dong Thap Muoi Science and Technology Institute at Thanh Hung commune, Kien Tuong County town, Long An province

To Long An port : 132km

To center of Tan An city : 85km

To Tan Son Nhat airport : 128km


Material facilities and infrastructure on the initiative includes: 11.5 ha area for growing, supplying fingerlings; 9.6 ha area for planting grass and breeding cattle; 7.6 ha area for production test of planting fruit trees, secondary crops and short-term industrial crops; 0.9 ha area for cultivating seedlings; 25 ha area for production research of seed-rice; 4 ha area for working houses, laboratories, microbiological fertilizer manufactures,etc..In addition, there are completed electricity supply system, water supply drainage system of production and living, and flood control dike for the whole area.

Actual state of land use

Residential land ,agricultural land, industrial land

Total estimated investment capital

USD 31 million

Investment form


Progress of the project

2016 – 2025. Including:

a)  2016:

Planning the project and creating a Project Management to carry out investment preparation; organizing and choosing building contractors, beginning construction of some laboratory work and buying equipment serving the seed verification (completing 30% of the article); choosing, training personnel of the project management.

b) From 2017 to 2018:

- Making a work arrangement and personnel project submitting for the province People’s Committee approval. Choosing and sending cadres to  science and technology progressive countries for long-term training (sending 10 cadres for overseas long-term training)

- Building 100% basic infrastructure and buying equipment for laboratories and operating 60% compared to the informed target

- Making marketing strategy, investigating needs and approaching enterprises to appeal for investment and participation of private enterprises, etc.

c) From 2019-2020

- Making regulations for managing and exploiting the Biotechnology Research Institute of Dong Thap Muoi region in Long An then submitting for the province People’s Committee approval

- Buying equipment for laboratories (100% equipment). The laboratories operate with 100% capacity.

- Attracting capital from domestic and foreign investors

-Receiving long-term trainers and appointing working positions

d) From 2020 to 2025:

- Developing into high-tech nursery garden

- Laboratories operating with 100% capacity; having the different varieties of seed sources (rice, crop, vegetable, maritime products, poultry, cattle), food for domestic animals,  functional food from seaweed , other laboratories can verify all the standards of environment, physics and chemistry, food, etc. according to the requirements of the province economic- society development.

Actual state of the project

Appealing for investment

Economic effect

-When the project is operated, it will help to transfer biotechnology of agricultural manufacture, bring the economic effects and steadiness to whole Dong Thap Muoi area 

- With the size, the project is invested to improve Science and Technology potential, supply the services to nurture new technology of biotechnology, help to step up the research, application, and transfer of technology.

Incentive policy

Benefit from policies in accordance with current law