Long An opens the opportunities to welcome the investors

21/10/2016 - 15:02:59:PM

With available advantages and potentials, Long An has many favorable conditions to develop and attract the investments.

Long An Province Investment Promotion Conference 2016 was held in the first year that Long An implements the Resolution of the Xth Provincial Party Congress with many expectations for ambitious breakthroughs. Accordingly, by 2020, Long An Province will build the foundation for the fast and sustainable development. In order to implement this objective, one of the most important and decisive solutions defined by the Province is to promote the resources in terms of capital, science and technology etc. to attract the investments.

trien lam khu trung bay hoi nghi xtdt Long An 2016.jpg

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc visited the display models of the investment projects in Long An Province

At this Investment Promotion Conference, many experts presented the discussions and comments and proposals to attract the investments. In which, the Senior lecturer of Ho Chi Minh City Economics University, member of the International Trade Policies Consulting Council of VCCI, International Vietnamese Arbitrator, Professor, Doctor Vo Thanh Thu confirmed that "Long An ranks the first among 13 provinces in Mekong River Delta Region and ranks the 12th nationwide in attracting FDI. Long An has the advantages in attracting the investments thanks to the favorable geographical conditions when being the bridge to connect Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong River Delta Region provinces – the biggest agricultural area in Vietnam and the largest tropical agricultural zone of the world. The province has the favorable traffic system in terms of road and waterway. At the same time, Long An also has the system of industrial parks with the biggest scale and quantity in Mekong River Delta Region etc.

Bui Le Anh Hieu – Business Director of Long Hau Industrial Park

Long An is located at the favorable location to attract the investments because of adjoining Ho Chi Minh City and being the gateway of Mekong River Delta Region. In addition, Long An is also located in the Key Economic Zone of the South, this is the advantages to attract the investors to come to study and make the investments. The support from the local government of Long An has been also highly appreciated by the investors when their difficulties and problems have been solved quickly.

Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee – Tran Van Can also confirmed that Long An has encouraged the economic sectors to invest in developing the infrastructure, especially in traffic, irrigation, clean water, clean energy as well as advanced science and technology, biological technology etc. to serve for the demand for industrial and agricultural development through PPP, BOT, land fund exploitation etc. Among 16 projects given with the priority to call for the investments, there are 2 of 3 key projects including traffic and Urban infrastructure to connect with Ho Chi Minh City works and Tan An City Ring Road project.

Thu tuong Nguyen Xuan Phuc tham quan gian hang trien lam xtdt 1 2016.jpg

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc visited the showrooms of agricultural products of Long An

Long An shall create the most favorable conditions for the investors and enterprises to implement the investment projects into the province. The investors will find in Long An the new investment opportunities. In which 2 sectors are given with the priority to call for investment including: construction of traffic infrastructure to serve for industrial development for key economic zone of the province and agriculture development applying the high technology and restructuring the agriculture. This is two breakthrough programs set at Resolution of the Xth Provincial Party Congress. .

- Up to the end of Sept. 2016, Long An Province has nearly 7,900 enterprises under operation with the registration capital of more than 189,000 billions VND and 1,259 investment projects with the total registration capital of nearly 140,000 billion VND.

- At present, 37 countries and territories in the world have the direct investments into Long An with 772 FDI projects with the total investment capital of more than 5.1 billion USD.

- From beginning of this year, Long An has newly granted the licenses for 300 projects with the total capital of 27,544 billion VND (increased 88 projects and 5,411 billion VND compared to the same period).

- Now, Long An continues at the leading position in Mekong River Delta Region in terms of investment attraction.

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