Visits by the investors at some projects in Long An Province

21/10/2016 - 14:54:34:PM

After attending Long An Province Investment Promotion Conference 2016, in the afternoon on October 17th, the investors visited to study about some investment projects and cooperatives in the Province such as Viet Phat Industrial and Urban Area in Tan Lap Commune, Thu Thua District; Long An International Port in Tan Lap commune, Can Giuoc district and Thanh Long Long Tri Cooperative in Long Tri commune, Chau Thanh District.

​At the visit, the investors were introduced about the policies to attract the investments, investment environments, general information about the projects and hi-tech agricultural production procedures etc. The journalist of Long An online recorded some images in this activity.

tham quan Thai Son.jpg

The investors were studying about Viet Phat Industrial and urban Area. This project is invested by Thai Son Infrastructure Investment and Development Joint Stock Company and under backfilling and has the area of more than 1,844 ha; of which the land for industrial park is more than 1,200 ha; the remaining is urban land area.

Nguyen Cong Binh.jpg

Mr. Nguyen Cong Binh – Deputy General Director of Thai Son Infrastructure Investment and Development Joint Stock Company (on the right) introduced about the advantages and overview about Viet Phat Industrial and Urban Area. This project has the favorable traffic system and the multi-sectorial industrial park. In addition, the project also plans to invest and construct the waterway to connect to the Industrial Park with the total length of 8km and width of 100m to connect from the bonded warehouse area or warehouse from the center of industrial park to the big ports in the region.

che bien thanh long.jpg

The enterprises studied about the hi-tech agricultural production procedures at Thanh Long Long Tri cooperative. The cooperative has the packaging workshop with the area of 1,000m2; construction of the cold storage, trademark protection registration, barcode registration for Long Tri Dragon Fruits.  In addition, the cooperative is testing about the e-dairy recording and updating directly into the website of the cooperative and the customers can check the quality of the products of the Cooperative from anywhere using the code and barcodes on the packages.

sx thanh long chon.jpg

The dragon fruits before introducing to the market were introduced to the enterprises. In particular, to ensure the dragon fruits to meet the high requirements of food safety, the cooperative had invested in the automatic dragon fruit washing and packaging system, residues of plant protection chemical testing system and the smart wrapping to keep the dragon fruits for longer time with better quality.

cang Long An.jpg

cang Long An 1.jpg

The investors visited Long An International Port. Long An International Port has the area of 147 ha which is divided into 7 phases with the total investment capital of more than 9,000 billions VND and it is planned to complete and put into full capacity in 2023. The investors were informed that the port is constructed to receive the sea vessels with the capacity of up to 30,000 DWT. The government has also planned to dredge the sea vessel channel on Soai Rap river so that Long An Port can receive the vessels with the capacity of up to 70,000 DWT, to exploit the best potentials of being the maritime goods exchange port in Long An Province, Tien Giang Province and a part of Ho Chi Minh City.

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