Tan An city belt road (included bridge system)


Tan An city, Long An Province, Vietnam. Departure point at My Phu intersection -Thu Thua District, crossing Loi Binh Nhon Commune, Khanh Hau Ward, Tan Khanh Ward, An Vinh Ngai Commune, Ward 7, Binh Tam Commune, crossing Vam Co Tay river, to destination point at Nhon Trach Trung Turning point connecting to Provincial road no. 833, Tan An city.


The total road length: 16km (road: 15km and bridges). Site clearance following the road size – 33m, construction expansion in advantage: road size - 26m

Building the belt road crossing regions of 3 communes, 03 wards: Loi Binh Nhon Commune, Ward 6, Khanh Hau ward, Tan Khanh ward, An Vinh Commune, Binh Tam Commune.

Actual state of land use

Agricultural land, industrial land, site clearance partly completed

Total estimated investment capital

USD 158 million

- Phase 1 (2016-2020): USD 108 million

- Phase 2 (after 2020): USD 50 million

Investment form

Budget capital, enterprise capital (combine with exploiting land)

Progress of the project

2016 – 2020

Actual state of the project

Project appealing for investment

Economic effect

Urban infrastructure development, transportation connection, economic- society development for Tan An city and neighboring districts (Thu Thua, Chau Thanh, Tan Tru). Reducing the traffic pressure in National road no. 1A, the road avoiding National road no. 1A – the area crossing Tan An city and Hung Vuong center line, reducing traffic accidents, avoiding traffic jams during vacations, Tet holidays. The road investment will create a vacant land budget for planning and expanding the city, pushing urbanization speed, attracting investment capital in order to develop economic society, help to make Tay An city become a Type 2 city by 2020 and impulse the development of neighboring regions

Incentive policy

Benefit from policies in accordance with current law